Tips to Use a Hardwood Floor Nailer

If you have ever thought about laying your own hardwood floors yourself, you need to stop for a moment. The question is what is a hardwood floor nailer. Let us talk about using a hardwood floor nailer, once you get used to it, it will make the job easy. This tool is made to sit on top of the tongue of the hardwood and drive the nails into it. It positions itself so you can not make a mistake with it. This is the only tool in existence that is made to nail hardwood floors.

As I stated above you will need an air compressor to operate this nail gun The nailers are available to rent, you will need to rent a compressor as well if you do not own one of your own. There are a variety of places such as a construction lumber store where you can rent these tools.

Before leaving the rental office, you will be shown how to operate the hardwood floor nailer and the air compressor. Make sure that the office explains to you exactly what is a hardwood floor nailer, before you try and use it. You can then start laying your hardwood floors with speed and accuracy. Using these two tools allows you to lay one hardwood floor on third of the time that it would take to manually drive each nail into the hardwood floor individually.

The hardwood floor nailer works with compressed air. The compressed air goes into the tool chamber, and it will reach a presser of 90 pounds per square inch of power. The air then pushes a plate downward and the plate allows the nail to be pushed through the hardwood strip. It does have a slight kick to it, but you will really notice it, just keep a steady hand when holding this tool.

The first thing you will want to do is place the hardwood plank on the floor with the plain side towards the wall. The tongue side of the plank is what you will be nailing to. Place the nail gun on the tongue. You will notice that the tool will position itself so that it goes into the tongue. Press the trigger to release the nail, and measure sixteen inches from the first nail, and fire another nail into the hardwood. Repeat these steps until you have completed the first plank of wood.

The hardwood floor nailer will not damage, or leave marks in the hardwood. The company designed the nail gun to have the nail go into one position when place on top of the tongue of the hardwood. This tool was specifically designed to keep from damaging or marking the wood. It leaves only a small hole where the nail has gone through the tongue.

At this point you should be comfortable enough to try this nail gun and the air compressor. Remember this is the only tool that can be used to lay hardwood flooring. The great thing about it is you do not have to buy the nail gun or the compressor, you can rent them and it does not cost that much to do that. If there is only one hardwood floor that needs to be installed, you can do it with these tools in just a few hours.